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Blog > Is natural or synthetic carpet flooring best?

Is natural or synthetic carpet flooring best?

Wednesday, January 5, 2022 4:12 PM

Both are excellent choices. That question will ultimately come down to how much you value specific characteristics.

Let's break it all down. Please get familiar with them and decide what carpeting is best for you.

Natural fibers

These are harvested from animal fur, plants, grass, etc. Wool is the only one used for broadloom. Others, like jute, sisal, coir, or seagrass, are better used for mats and area rugs.

Wool is soft and luxurious. Don't be concerned by the all-white color; there are natural oils that repel dirt.

It is, however, somewhat absorbent, so spills should be wiped immediately. It's highly durable and a good choice for busy rooms.

Synthetic fibers: seen as more practical by some

Synthetics tend to be a more stain-resistant and budget-friendly floor covering. Therefore, four are most commonly chosen.

Nylon is ultra-strong and has excellent resiliency; this is the ability to bounce back after compression, such as footsteps.

Nylon also has good resistance to stains when a protectant is used. As a result, it's the ideal rug for heavily trafficked rooms.

Other synthetic fibers include:

1. Polyester. This is non-absorbent and has superior stain repellency. Best for moderately busy rooms.

2. Olefin (polypropylene). Budget-friendly, durable, and mainly associated with looped constructions.

3. Triexta. Ultra-strong, with permanent stain resistance built into the fiber. Great for busy rooms.

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