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Blog > Learn more about carpet flooring with these facts

Learn more about carpet flooring with these facts

Thursday, April 7, 2022 4:00 AM

The more you know about carpeting, the better choices you can make when it's time to shop for your remodel. You'll find plenty of benefits for the perfect match for all your requirements and options you might not have considered.

Here are a few facts about this product line that could help you make a better-informed decision. If you have questions, reach out whenever you're ready.

Fibers matter in every household

When you choose a carpet, one of the most critical features is fiber. There are several kinds, and each one offers different characteristics that meet specific floor covering needs.

· Nylon – One of the most substantial fiber options, offering excellent crush resistance.

· Polyester – Less durable than nylon, but with added stain resistance and brilliant color

· Olefin – An excellent option for outdoor spaces, resisting moisture, dampness, and mold.

· Wool – An all-natural choice that brings beautiful color and durability under normal circumstances.

Words mean things

When you start searching for the perfect materials, you’ll hear terms like loop and cut, which refers to the strands of fiber. Looped fibers are passed through the backing and left uncut, while cut fibers are sheared off, leaving fiber tips exposed when the carpeting is cut.

Pile is another word you'll hear and refers to the actual fibers themselves in length, weight, and density. Again, if you hear a term you need clarification on, be sure to speak with an associate while you're here.

Visit our showroom for details and more

Flooring SF offers a wide range of materials in our showroom inventory, and our associates are here to help. Even if you're unsure what you need in a flooring material, speak with our associates about your needs for a great fit.

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